Sean Paul weed quotes

"In my song <We Be Burnin'> I say it's the best thing for my meditation. I was a teenager when I first experienced smoking it. My father had been smoking it around me since I was a kid. I knew it was something that other parents probably didn't do, and I knew it was wrong in terms of the public view of it, but I didn't think that daddy was a bad man for doing it and he didn't change his attitude towards me or the family. That was him. I've always loved the smell of it. By the time I was a mid-teenager I'd experimented once or twice. In Jamaica the laws are not as strict, so sometimes you can go out as a fourteen year old and drink a few beers. I was kind of a social drinker then, and I enjoyed it and whatnot. But when I started to smoke weed, and get more and more into the culture of it, it really, really sunk into me that this is a better thing for my meditation. When I smoke it I become a calmer person. There are a lot of things I can pin-point about weed, in terms of the medical greatness of it, and how it can make soap, bricks, and hemp rope, everything! To me, it's the best thing for my meditation, to calm myself down, remember who I am, and get in touch with the Earth again."

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