Weed quotes on video

Miley Cyrus reading on her birthday cake:

Adam Sandler (Mambuza Bongo Guy) in The Hot Chick 2002

                                    Bill Maher and Green Day's Billy Joe Talk About Marijuana


                                                   Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Weed

                                      Cameron Diaz ...Weeds from Snoop Dog.. live on Lopez


                                                  Paul McCartney after Pot arrest (1984)

Barack Obama "Yes I inhaled !"

Snoop Dogg on Lopez Tonight - Legal weed in New Jersey


Robin Williams stand up - Weed

Young Buck And G-Unit In Amsterdam 


                                                                 A blunt with Redman

                                                      NAS smoking weed on concert in Oslo


                                                 Redman/Method Man smoking on stage

                                  James Franco & Seth Rogen at MTV Movie Awards -2008/ June 1

                                                          Quetin Tarantino & Brad Pitt

                                                            Miley Cyrus Smokes Bong

                                                  Cypress Hill Smoking Weed Amsterdam

                                                 Tupac Rolling A Blunt And Smoking Weed

                                          Wiz Khalifa Smoking On Stage -Performs Still Blazin

                                                          Snoop Dogg Smoking Weed

                                                           Paris Hilton Smoking Weed!

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                                     Melissa Etheridge: Medical marijuana helped restore my health

                                                           Bill Hicks Marijuana Jokes

                                          George Michael Smokes a Joint During TV Interview

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                                             Willie Nelson , On Larry King, Legal Marijuana

      Richard Belzer answers questions about Plant Medicine Expo & the Healthcare Provider Conference

                                Lady Gaga - "I Smell Marijuana. Who is Not Sharing?!" in San Jose

                                                   Lil Wayne Smoking Weed during interview

                                        Soap Star Eric Braeden Supports Cannabis Legalization

                                                    Doug Benson Joins the Smoking Circle