Tim Blake Nelson weed quotes

"I go back and forth on that. When I get stoned, I am so impaired. It’s potentially not good for society to allow for people to be that impaired. That’s what makes me a little nervous about it. The difference between smoking a joint and having a glass of wine is pretty dramatic. The argument that alcohol is legal, so why shouldn’t pot be legal is somewhat specious. Although, I think that alcohol can make people violent and argumentative and completely unreasonable... pot is anesthetizing, and it makes you feel good, and you love everybody. In terms of what the drugs do, I would take pot any day. But the way that pot makes you lose memory and erases your brain doesn’t make it worth the high, and that’s why I really don’t do it much."

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Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell this man that marijuana doesn't make you lose memory and it doesn't erase your brain. There are studies that smoking pot actually grows brain cells :)

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