Faith Evans marijuana quotes

"I’ve never liked to smoke right before I sing. I usually gargle with salt and hot water. Smoking, period, dries out your voice – smoking anything dries your vocal cords.
I have definitely smoked recreationally. I never even tried it until I was an adult, after my first child was born. A friend of mine used to smoke, and I would be sittin’ in the car with him goin’ to wherever we were goin’. He asked me to try it, and I didn’t feel anything. After that, it probably wasn’t until I moved to California. I didn’t even know what I was supposed to feel, but then I started choking and – wow, okay. That’s when I knew how it was supposed to feel.
When I was heavily into working out a few years back, I’d smoke before I worked out. To be honest, I would go and work out for two hours, sometimes twice a day, because it made me feel like I wasn’t really focused on anything else."

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