Jason Mraz weed quotes

"Marijuana is already one of the largest cash crops in the United States – I would love to see Farmers thrive and not be jailed.
It would be beneficial for the whole to not spend millions each year incarcerating and rehabilitating growers and users. I think it would actually stimulate the economy to have another taxable good on the market, much like tobacco and alcohol are taxable.
Marijuana is an awesome herbal remedy for most ailments and should be taken very seriously. Its recreational purposes should not be abused and those committed should clear the space for it, just as you would if you were going to have a 5-hour massage or take LSD. In every case, I think it needs to have an intention for use; a time and place, for spiritual and healing purposes. In my opinion, marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. Most people experience this euphoria through alcohol first." 

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