Lamar Smith weed quotes (Chairman at the House Judiciary Committee; Republican)

"Marijuana use and distribution is prohibited under federal law because it has a high potential for abuse and does not have an accepted medical use in the U.S.. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved smoked marijuana for any condition or disease. Decriminalizing marijuana will only lead to millions more Americans becoming addicted to drugs and greater profits for drug cartels who fund violence along the U.S.-Mexico border. Allowing states to determine their own marijuana policy flies in the face of Supreme Court precedent."


Blaine H said...

Haha, Lamar Smith is such a retard.
I hope you don't mind if I use this as a source for my newest post.

Anonymous said...

Lamar Smith believes praying to god will overcome any illness, he is a Christian Scientist, These are among the most retarded people currently living on the planet.
If Lamar's son was diagnosed with brain cancer, instead of seeking treatment from modern medicine, Lamar would pray.
Here is a quote from wikipedia on Christian scientists.
"Many Christian Scientists use their healing system as their first choice for treatment over medicine, including drugs and surgery. They believe in following what they believe to be the example of Jesus, bringing the real or ideal man more clearly into thought. Christian Scientists believe that Jesus was "the Wayshower", a proof by example of the divine method of healing sin, sickness and death. According to the Christian Science belief, there are no limits to the type of medical conditions that can be healed through prayer."

And people follow what this drooling idiot says?
For shame America, Putting such idiots in your congress and letting them make decisions that effect not only your country, but all western civilizations.

Americans wonder why people from other countries hate them, You are all daft fools .

claudia said...

lamar smith se olvida que censura lo que ellos mismos inventaron a lo largo de los siglos que es la pirateria jajaja el papa quiere matar a sus hijitos que mal para un tipo tan correcto no???

Anonymous said...

this guy is a fucking douche, do us a a fucking favor and jump down a bridge, asschin.

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