Mindy PanduhBurr Bechtell marijuana quote

"I got up here, stomach pain, migraines, sad and over the world, when I hear “Hey girl, why don’t you just go get your card!” Oh what, marijuana is legal up here?
   I called the hospital, got my records and BAM! – Card in my hand, pills down the toilet. I started using marijuana to increase my appetite for nausea when I’m hungry  (I literally will reject food: eat, and throw it right back up, but get me baked? Hand me food. I will eat, sleep and be the happiest girl ever) and I use to it help me pass out when I get my gnarly migraines. So, a year and half off pills, I only get migraines about 2-3 times every two weeks, my stomach doesn’t hurt at all(The ulcers are totally gone) and I’m a lot more happier, active, living in a hell of a lot less pain, and I don’t always “smoke it”, just to throw that out there. For all the people concerned about my lungs, I absolutely love making edibles; desserts or just plain food!"  read the full  interview on theweedblog.com

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